Chuck Leaver, Security Expert

September 24, 2016
Charles Leaver almost always best known as the CEO of cybersecurity firm Ziften However, he’s more; he’s considered something of a tech icon. His tech career started in 1982, and since then he has managed to obtain a high level of experience as an entrepreneur, a senior executive, a sales and management specialist.

He is actually a major reason many technologies get to market and make money. There is no question that Chuck Leaver has been a major player in every aspect of the high-tech and mobile markets. He has obtained secure patents for a large number of new technologies and he has manage to implement many complex business plans and he has been able to raise large amounts of capital, which means he has been able to build innovative tech companies from the ground up.

Chuck Leaver has always been able to guide tech companies into new territory, breaking down barriers and pushing the edge. And he will continue to do so for a long time.